Tinnitus and Allergies


The connection between Tinnitus and Allergies

In order to understand what are the things that make tinnitus and allergies related to each other, it’s important to learn more about the tinnitus causes. To do that, you should first know what exactly tinnitus is. This is not exactly a disease but it is the result of one which is manifested through hearing a certain sound even if there isn’t any produced in that particular moment.

There are various tinnitus causes such as ear infections, different neurological disorders and quite often, allergies. Considering the fact that an allergy is a response of your immune system in case there is an interaction between a foreign agent and your body, the inflammation that results, occurring at the level of your internal ear might trigger tinnitus.

In addition to this, you can also make a connection between tinnitus and allergies during the particular seasons such as spring when various types of pollens can be found in the air and might also enter your ear.

Symptoms of tinnitus

TinnitusTinnitus stress is a form of this condition which, as its name states, is usually triggered by stress. If you are experiencing one or more symptoms of tinnitus, it’s important that you can make a connection between the fact that you are stressed and the tinnitus. Some of the symptoms which you might experience are represented by cricket sounds, hissing, ringing, beeping, roaring sounds and even particular tunes that you hear even when there is complete silence in the room.

In some cases, tinnitus stress can also be a result of being in a room full of noise for too long. For example, when you go to a club and you stay there for a few hours while the music is incredibly loud in your ears, you might be still hearing it even when you get out of the club. But if you continue to hear those sounds the next day, it may be a sign that you need to take a hearing test.

What tinnitus tests you can take

Before you start searching for tinnitus remedies, you need to know for sure whether you are actually going through this condition or not. In order to do that, you surely need to visit a doctor which is specialized in hearing problems. One of the tests consists in having headphones on your ears, in which certain sounds are going to be played separately for each ear and then simultaneously and you will need to notify your doctor when you hear those specific sounds.

On the other hand, finding the best tinnitus remedies depends on figuring out which is the exact cause for tinnitus in the first place. This is why your doctor will also check the movement of your eyes, neck, arms, legs, jaws because certain tinnitus forms involve having these movements affected as well. There are also imaging tests which are based on MRI or CT scans that your doctor might recommend you in case the cause of your tinnitus cannot be clinically detected.

The treatment of tinnitus

Getting the right tinnitus treatment basically depends on the form of tinnitus which you are going through. Therefore, some of the tinnitus relief methods for the objective form are either represented by clearing the ear canal, installing a teflon implant or a neurostimulator, injecting a botulinum toxin or even gamma knife radio surgery.

When it comes to the tinnitus treatment of the subjective form, there is a series of substances which may work as tinnitus relief. Among them, you can find lidocaine injections, melatonin, diazepam, zinc, vitamins, Sertraline, Acamprosate and so on. In addition to this, there are also a few substances that once you avoid them will improve your condition.

For instance, you should try to stay away from nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or salt. Giving smoking up is also a good idea if you have developed tinnitus because the nicotine has been proven to have a bad effect on this particular condition.

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